Automations can be edited or deleted easily. Note, however, that an Automation that has been started and is running cannot be edited. If you click on it, it will look like this, in the image below, showing you the stats for each step in the process rather than the usual edit button.


Edit a "Draft" Automation (that isn't running)

Go to Marketing > Automations. Here you will find all 

On the Automation you need to edit, click on the icon on the top right corner as indicated in the image below. 

From here, you can choose Edit or Delete

Use the Pencil Icon to Edit steps or the arrows to re-order them

Note: In "Paused" Automation, you can only edit the timing between each step and the email body or subject line. Be noted that this changes will only affect people not already scheduled for step

Delete an Automation

You can delete an Automation even if it's running. Choose the same icon as the one you used to edit and click Delete.