Using eCommerce filters

eCommerce filters

eCommerce filters allow you to segment customers by their purchase patterns. You can create customer segments using multiple filters such as 'has abandoned cart' and 'accepts marketing'. This allows you to create focused and targeted marketing as well as boost your sales. 


Using eCommerce filters:

To use eCommerce filters, go to Customers > Contacts and click on advanced search

This window will pop-up 

You can specify $ amounts for your orders as well as specify your search to a certain product

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You can also add multiple filters for the most precise segmentation ever. You'll be able to find the customers you're looking for and use the filters to create a new segment.

Another Way to use eCommerce Filters:

You can reach eCommerce Filters through Customers > Quick Segments

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eCommerce filters:

By Order:

·  Amount Spent: Customers who purchased a specific total amount in your store.

·  Amount Spent on a Single Order: Customers who purchased a specific amount in a single order.

·  AOV (Average Order Value): Based on the average amount spent per order.

·  Has a Coupon: if the order has a specific coupon code.

·  Has Any Coupon: if the order has any coupon.

·  Total Number of Orders: Customers who have made a certain number orders.

·  Number of Products Ordered: Customers who have made a certain of number orders.

By Category:

·  Has Purchased: Customers who have purchased a product from a specific category in your store.

By Product:

·  APC (Average Products Count) per Order: Customers who purchase a certain number of products per order, on average.

·  Has Purchased: Customers who have purchased a particular product, or products, from your store.

·  Has Purchased Any Product: Customers who have purchased or not purchased anything from your store.

·  Has Tags: Customers who have purchased a product with a specific tag from your store.

By Customer/Contact:

·  City

·  Country

·  Has Tags

·  Has Tickets

·  Signed Up Date

Combine Segmentation Criteria: The purchase activity can be used in conjunction with other segmenting criteria in your account to target specific groups of customers. You could combine purchase history with customers ratings and send to your most loyal customers who recently spent a large amount of money.