Add a Ticket

Edit a Ticket

See your customer's tickets

Use your Tickets to keep track of your customer support tickets. Revamp CRM also integrates with other Helpdesk providers like  Freshdesk and Zendesk to help you keep your business all in one place. We've also developed our own built-in Helpdesk system to help you keep track of all your open and unresolved Tickets.

In the top menu bar, click your Tickets tab.

Add a Ticket:

On a customer's profile page, click on the Tickets tab and choose 'Add Ticket' as shown in the image below.

save image

This popup will appear.

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Finally, click on Add

Revamp CRM also gives you the ability to export your Tickets to Excel or CSV files so you can assess your data and manage your business in the best way.

Edit a Ticket:

Click on 'View' or on the Contact Person's name from the tickets page. You will be redirected to the contact's profile. Click on Tickets tab. Then click on Edit on the ticket you want to edit. note that you can only edit or delete Revamp CRM tickets. Tickets synced from freshdesk or Zendesk can't be edited or deleted.

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This popup will appear.

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Finally, click on Update 

See your customer's tickets:

Here you can find the tickets attached to this customer, whether the tickets are created in Revamp CRM or brought by integration from other help desk apps, they all will be attached to the contact profile.