Revamp CRM presents some very essential settings with which you can manage your account and get the most of it.

Navigate to Settings > Account. You see some different tools to help you manage your account settings

1. General Settings:  let you change many of the items that control how your account is displayed, such as the title, currency, time zone, owner role, industry, email etc….

2. Contact Custom Fields: it is adding any extra or special information that you’d like to track about your clients. Revamp CRM allows you to document more than just a contact's basic info by adding up to 10 custom fields Only that you choose; you also have the option to easily remove unnecessary details by deleting a custom field.

3. Contact Stage: the 8 contact stages that your deals go through, giving you the option to edit any of them according to your desired requirements.

4. Branding: Customizing your profile and including your logo and your personalized color scheme to have your account matching your brand

5. Menu: Showing/ hiding your menu items, so you can the desired preview that suits your needs

6. Manage Users: Have all your team members and users in one place to easily manage them and change the roles of each

  • Add Users: Adding new users: email, telephone, and job title; you can add task reminders for due tasks 

7. Reminders:  Account reminders to Control which reminders are sent to your account users. We offer you some ready made reminders to check directly from.

8. Top Spenders: the option Revamp CRM offers you to identify the criteria you choose for your loyal customers.

Note:  that this only is visible and available to be edited from an owner account not admins