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Revamp CRM presents some very essential settings with which you can manage your account and get the most of it.

Navigate to Settings > Account. You see some different tools to help you manage your account settings

1. General Settings: 

 let you change many of the items that control how your account is displayed, such as the title, currency, time zone, owner role, industry, email etc….

You can change your default home page based on your preference from Settings>your profile as shown in the picture below. 

2. Branding

Customizing your profile and including your logo and your personalized color scheme to have your account matching your brand

Showing/ hiding your menu items, so you can the desired preview that suits your needs

4. Subscription info: 

From here you can manage your plan and users.

5. Manage Users

Have all your team members and users in one place to easily manage them and change the roles of each.


6. Reminders:  

Account reminders to Control which reminders are sent to your account users. We offer you some ready made reminders to check directly from.

7. Top Spenders

Revamp CRM offers you to identify the criteria you choose for your loyal customers.

                         Note: that this only is visible and available for eCommerce plan and to the owner account only.



1. Contact Custom Fields: 

You can add any extra or special information that you’d like to track about your clients. Revamp CRM allows you to document more than just a contact's basic info by adding up to 10 custom fields Only that you choose; you also have the option to easily remove unnecessary details by deleting a custom field.

2. Contact Stage:

Here are the 8 contact stages that your deals go through, giving you the option to edit any of them according to your desired requirements.



 allows you to manage your products, add or edit existing ones.

Sales Region:

 Add or delete your top hot regions which you sell your products at.

Deals Source:

 Identify the key sources of your sales.

Deal age: 

Set your deal age to a specific number of days before they rotten to manage going deals from dead deals.

Pipelines & stages:

 customize your own pipeline stages with names.

Language support: (Coming Soon)

Revamp CRM is provided only in the English Language at the moment, but we’re definitely working on internationalizing Revamp CRM for users around the world.

If there’s a particular language you’d like to see Revamp CRM in, definitely let us know at

Currency and Time Zone can be changed in the Settings:

  1. In the Settings, click General Settings on the left side of the screen.
    A new screen opens, where you can edit your Profile General Settings.

         2.Change your Currency or Time zone.

         3.Once you make your changes click Save.