Contact profiles on Revamp CRM are incredibly dynamic. They are all-inclusive, encompassing contact basic info, notes, tags, files, deals, tasks, invoices, tickets, email communication history and if you're on the eCommerce plan and you connected your Shopify store or BigCommerce store it also contains the order purchasing history. To better understand Revamp CRM's interactive contact profiling, we’ve created the video below.


This video shows you how to:

  • Notes. Add, edit and remove notes from a contact's profile
  • Files. Attach files or add them from cloud Google Drive or Dropbox to a profile
  • Deals. Add a new deal to a profile and see all your deals 
  • Invoices. Import invoices from FreshBooks or Harvest or add invoices using Revamp CRM invoicing system and they will appear on contact profile
  • Tickets. Check tickets from this certain customer. Whether it's imported from other helpdesk software like Freshdesk or Zendesk or an internal ticket that has been created using Revamp CRM helpdesk.
  • Tasks. Assign tasks that need to be conducted for this customer it could be an Email, Call, Lunch and more. You can easily find out what and when was the last task and who completed it with this customer, also what, when and who is assigned to the upcoming task.

Your dynamic contact profile helps you build stronger relationships with your customers and increase customer revenues. This way, you’ll be getting a complete picture of every customer.

Customer profiles show:

  • Tasks related to the customer.

History of tasks as well as tasks due.



  • Contact info and tags.

This includes a contact's name, email, phone, job title and company or organization as well as certain tags you ascribe to their profile to better organize customers.

You could also add upto 10 Custom Fields to collect better data that is related to your business so you can obtain better relationship with your customers.



  • Deals related to the contact.

Won deals, lost deals and potential on in progress deals.


  • Emails and Notes.
- Emails you send to this specific contact or related to them
Smart BCC email: Add this email address to your email conversations with a contact in order to save your emails to RevampCRM and have them show on the contact's profile


  • Files.

Here you can find the files attached to this contact such as a proposal or a price list.


  • Invoices.

Here you can find the invoices related to this customer, whether the invoices are created in Revamp CRM or brought by integration from other accounting apps. 



  • Tickets.

Here you can find the tickets attached to this customer, whether the tickets are created in Revamp CRM or brought by integration from other help desk apps.



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