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How to export Contacts

How to export Deals and tasks

How to export Contacts?

Revamp allows you to export all or part of your contacts to a number of other apps. 

To Export All Contacts:

  1. Navigate to Customers > People
  2. Click on Export. From the drop-down menu choose what file type you want to export to. A file with all the Contacts in your RevampCRM account will be downloaded.

To Export Part of your Contacts:

  • You can also select whoever contacts you want and export the selected ones from > Bulk actions button.

  • Or you can:
  1. Use Smart Filters bar on the left side to filter your Contacts by a chosen criterion. 
  2. Now you can export the results the same way, by clicking the Export Contacts button and choose the file type from the drop down menu. A file with the filtered Contacts from your Revamp CRM account will be downloaded.

How to export Contacts, Organization, Deals, and Tasks ?

Export your data whenever you need to , We’ve made it very easy to export your existing data to your revamp account.

Now you can export them automatically :

  1. Head to the "Settings" > integrations
  2. You found the Export section at the top next to sync button 

  3. Choose the CSV file you want

  4. Click on Export