Copying Revamp CRM on your email (Smart Email Bcc)

Email forwarding to a contact 

Email forwarding to a deal 

Adding tasks from the email 

Use our Smart Email BCC and Email Forwarding to store relevant emails on a customer's profile easily

1) Copying Revamp CRM on your email (Smart Email Bcc)

If you are sending an email to a contact you surely would like it to be sent to Revamp CRM as well, you can use the contact BCC dropbox. To get started:

  • You will find a personal ***** email address in your contact's profile, or under Settings > Smart Email 
  • In an outgoing email, enter the Dropbox address in the BCC field.
  • No matter which email provider you use. These emails will be copied to the relevant customers' profiles so as to always have them on hand.


Here is another way to send an email:

You can send emails through contact profile, and they will automatically get attached.

2) Email forwarding to a contact 
You can use this method to easily forward your emails to the drop box for best results. 

All it needs is the full email address that matches the contact record and Microsoft products such as outlook will drop the email address when using this feature “forwarding emails”.

3)  Email forwarding to a deal

When you go to every deal single page, you will find the Smart email, just copy it and forward the email to this smart email and then you will find the email attached to the deal.

4) Adding tasks from the email

All you need to do is:

1) Put in mind the emails from the email you signed up with at Revamp account.

2) On the tasks page click add then copy the link as shown on the task page.

3) Emails sent to this address will automatically create a new task for you and attach the email as a note to the customer.