Task is a great place to start your day

It’s divided into useful functions. It contains today’s tasks, overdue deals, invoices and any upcoming tasks all in a single place. You can assign tasks to different users through it and reach out to key customers without leaving the Tasks&Calendar tab. 

You can also switch to the calendar view (highlighted in the image below) to get a timeline view of your tasks instead.

Tasks view shows you the overdue tasks, today's tasks and future upcoming tasks in a glimpse of an eye

Red: is for overdue tasks

Blue: is for today's tasks

Grey: is for upcoming tasks 

With one click you can reach out to your contacts and send them emails, not only that, but your emails will be automatically recorded inside your contact profile. All you need to do is to click on Follow-up

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You'll have full control on your tasks

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And the best feature of all, you can customize the view using our powerful filters to better focus your efforts.

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