A task is a great place to start your day 

it contains today’s tasks, overdue deals, invoices and any upcoming tasks all in a single place. 

tasks to different users through it and reach out to key customers without leaving the Tasks&Calendar tab. 

You can also switch to the calendar view (highlighted in the image below) to get a timeline view of your tasks instead. 


Tasks view shows you the overdue tasks, today's tasks and future upcoming tasks in a glimpse of an eye

Red: is for overdue tasks

Blue: is for today's tasks

Grey: is for upcoming tasks 


Also, you can reach out to your contacts and send them emails, not only that, but your emails will be automatically recorded in your contact profile. All you need to do is to click on Follow-up,  You'll have full control over your tasks

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And here is the best feature of all, you can customize the view using our powerful filters to better focus your efforts.

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Task Reminder Email

Hover the mouse over your profile picture and choose Profile from the drop-down menu. On your profile, choose Task Reminder.

Choose when you would like Revamp CRM to send you a task reminder email.


How Do I Enable or Disable Reminders?

keep up with your Tasks worry-free through the Reminders feature.

Hover over the Gear Icon next to your profile picture and choose Settings

On the Settings page, click on Reminders

Choose which Reminders you want to enable and click Save


You can choose to get a daily reminding email of the same daily tasks, get the reminder on your 'Tasks' page, or you may Add reminders to 'Tasks' when a Deal passes its expected closure date. Also, you can set a reminder to 'Tasks' when an invoice hasn't been fully paid for more than 30 days. Click Save to activate your reminders.

How Do I Sync My Tasks with Google Calendar?

Revamp CRM seamlessly synchronizes your Tasks to your Google Calendar.

Go to Tasks and choose Sync Google Calendar and Contacts as shown in the image below. Learn how to access your Revamp CRM Calendar here.

You can also watch this video for step-by-step instructions on Google Calendar Integration

This Video Shows You How To:

  • Integrate. Sync your Revamp CRM account with Google Calendar
  • Choose. Specify which Google Calendar you want to integrate
  • View. One place for all your Tasks due