Note: Only admins can add / delete users.

Adding users to RevampCRM:

Navigate to Settings > Add User.

save image

The Add user’s page opens.

From here, you can add other people to your account

Enter the email address, name, title, phone number and role of the person you want to have access to your account.

Click Save and you are done adding your user!

So what happens next? (How will my invited users be notified?)

If your invited users have never signed up for RevampCRM before, they will receive an invitation email from RevampCRM. This email link will allow them to set up their own password, and sign into your RevampCRM account.

Deleting users from RevampCRM:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Manage Users.
  2. Click on the Red Trash icon on the left of the user name.

  3. Confirm deleting user and you’re done.

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