How is my data organized in Revamp CRM?

Revamp CRM has several useful sections to help you keep track of your data. Let’s go over them:


The Customers section is the data you’ve gathered about individuals - Leads or Customers - whom you want to sell something to or have tried selling something to in the past. You can collect this data from networking, trade shows, seminars or through online marketing newsletters or campaigns.


Deals Pipeline

Deals are the business agreements that you have. You can track the progress of your deals in your visual deals pipeline. See them organized by date in the timeline view or get an overview of all your deals in the list view.



This is where you will find all your invoices. Revamp creates invoices for your business that are customizable. This tab stores all your invoices whether they come from Revamp CRM or other providers like Freshbooks.

Sales Reports

Reports on the Revamp CRM app consist of analytical data about your sales progress and results. You will find the sales reports every sales leader needs:

Sales Funnel Report


Sales Report by Product/Source/Region

Sales Report by User

HelpDesk (Tickets)

This is where you will find all your Tickets. Revamp’s HelpDesk software allows you to create, manage and store tickets for the best customer management and to deliver the best customer experience you need to improve your business. You can check the status of your tickets, monitor customer complaints and contact the customer for reimbursement. Whether tickets come from Revamp CRM or other providers like Freshdesk, you will find them under HelpDesk where you can understand and grow your customer’s satisfaction.

Email Marketing (Newsletters)

Revamp offers you the Newsletters feature because we understand that businesses today are built and managed through emails. We provide you with an email marketing software that has pre-built email templates to save your time and help you better communicate and send email marketing campaigns to customers based on either subscribers' purchase activity or sales follow-up best practices. Each email will be sent is automatically attached to your contact profile. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of customer interactions and create the most seamless experiences possible.

Marketing Automation

Automated Workflow, a key feature, saves you a lot of time. Setting an Automation means to set up a customized sequence of actions ranging from sending template-based follow-ups to creating tasks. Or you can use our pre-built Automations and get started in a few clicks.


This is where you can find our powerful integration list to help you automate your workflow and manage your business in one place. Revamp CRM integrates with more than 24 apps and tools. These include Google apps such as Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Drive and eCommerce apps such as Shopify and BigCommerce.



Here is where you can manage your work and see what’s on your calendar today. You can access follow-up reminders, send emails, complete your tasks on one screen. 

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