As your business grows, managing more and more customers and their data becomes a hassle. Revamp CRM makes it all easier by sorting your key relationships into different lists using a criterion of your choice. We also ensure you don’t fall out of touch with them over time by allowing you to create a reminder for each list. 

For example, you can set a 7 days reminder for your "Hot Leads" list, the follow-up alarm will automatically remind you to make a contact with those leads when 7 days pass without any related task completed. So when the reminder on a segment or a list hits zero, Revamp CRM will generate tasks for contacts within that list. once you complete the tasks, a reminder will reset and start over.

Lists are static groups:

Meaning that the List members will only get changed when you manually add or delete a contact from it.

You can also have a 2-way sync with your email marketing provider - such as Mail Chimp, Mad Mimiand others - lists so you can send email marketing to each list.

Watch this video to learn how to follow up with customers on your lists.