Never again will you miss a task or forget to follow-up

Automation is the answer to regulating even relatively complex business development workflows. It allows you to set off a customized sequence of actions — from sending follow-ups to creating tasks.

You can use our Automation as:

Operation Workflow: You can easily manage your business process, track workflows, collaborate with your team, schedule actions and integrate with over 24+ other apps. 

You can:

- Create Task

- Send Email

- Add to List

- Remove from List

- Change Score

- Add to Score

- Subtract from Score

- Add Tags

- Remove Tags

- Add Note

- Assign Contact to User

- Notify User

- Change Contact Stage


Marketing Workflow: We offer pre-built email marketing automation templates, that can be used to keep your customer engaged.

You can use our Send Email action to create multiple steps, for example, you can engage New Customers segment by:

- Wait 0 hour then Send welcome email to all new customers.

- Then you can create another step Wait 1 Day then Send Email with Product Catalogue.

- Then Wait 5 Days and Send Incentive Email with a discount to encourage first time purchase.

Navigate to Marketing in the top menu bar and click on Quick Automation. Here you can choose whether to use Revamp's pre-built Automations or to create your own customized workflow Automation by choosing Custom 

You can find the Automations you've created by navigating to Marketing > Automations