Revamp CRM's Automated Workflows for Modern Business Process

Automation aim to make business easier by creating an automatic process of actions for each segment or list that you specify. To create an Automation navigate to Marketing > Quick Automation. This page allows you to use our pre-built Automation templates to create business workflow in the blink of an eye. 

Some Automations, like the 'Christmas sale' one, will pop-up this window for you to edit before redirecting you to the next page so you can specify the segment or list you want this workflow to run on.

Others, such as the 'New Contacts' will directly take you to the automation page with steps already configured to save your time. 

You can edit and reorganize the Automation's steps from this page simply by clicking the Pencil Icon on the right of the Step you want to edit. Use the drop-down menu to specify the type of process you need automated. You can change the time and date of a task, note or score. 

You can also add a new step to the Automation process. When you've created the Automation, choose 'Start Automation' at the top right of the page. 

When you've started the Automation, Revamp CRM provides you with analytics so you can monitor the process effortlessly. 

To go back to a previously created Automation, navigate to Marketing > Automations