Effortless Business Processes with Revamp CRM

Because your time is valuable and we want you to spend it in the right place, Revamp CRM provides powerful pre-built Automation templates. 

Get started with our pre-built Automations by going to MarketingQuick Automation

There are two types of Automations in Revamp CRM: Standard and Date Based. Standard Automation differ from Date-Based ones in that the latter is restricted to a certain day or event such as a holiday, an event, anniversary or a customer's birthday. The row pointed at in the image below consists of the Date Based Automation Templates while the rest are all Standard Automations that work by tailoring appropriate time-delays in the process required.  

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To create an Automation using one of our pre-built Automation templates, take a look here.

Note: Our ready-made automation has also ready-made email templates inside the Send Email step, which you can always edit to add your business logo, keywords and customize it to suit your business needs.