Use your Invoices to keep track of your bills and accounting statements. Revamp CRM also integrates with other Invoice providers like FreshBooks and Harvest. We've also developed our own built-in accounting system to help you keep track of all your outstanding invoices and keep you informed of the collected amount and overdue invoices.

If you are on a Small Business plan go to Sales > Invoices 

If you are on an Online Store plan go to Wholesale > Invoices

To Edit an Invoice

Click on 'View' or on the Contact Person's name from the invoices page. You will be redirected to the contact's page. Click on Invoices tab as shown in the image below. Then click on Edit on the invoice you want to edit. 

This popup will appear.

Finally, click on Update 

To Add an Invoice

You can add invoices in two ways:

1. On a customer's profile page, click on the invoices tab and choose 'Add Invoice' as shown in the image below.

2. Another way you can add an invoice is after you've won a deal. When you've dragged a deal on the deals pipeline to the Won folder or clicked Won from that deal's page, this window will pop-up. 

By marking the 'create invoice' checkbox and entering the reference number, an invoice will be created and added to this deal's page as well as the contact person's page.