When signing up to our Contact Relationship Management FREE plan, you've signed up for a CRM that integrates tightly with your Outlook which we know that it is an essential tool for many sales reps.

Key Features:

  • Stop wasting your time with data entry and import all your contacts and leads from your Outlook to your CRM account in a minute.
  • Manage all your communication and information in one place.
  •  You can use our Smart BCC email anytime you send or receive a message from a Revamp CRM Lead or Contact, and we will attach a copy of the communication to their profile.


A CRM for Outlook

RevampCRM gives you the ability to import (or update) your Outlook contacts in a few easy steps in three different ways:

  1. In your Dashboard, Navigate to > Import Contacts > from the Import Page click on Outlook icon.
  2. Or

    Navigate to Integration, a page with all your integration list will appear. click on Outlook icon.

  3. Navigate to > Contacts > Import Contacts > from the Import Page click on the Outlook icon.

  4. Navigate to > Contacts > Add Contact > Import Contacts by clicking on the Outlook icon.

  5. After clicking on the Outlook icon, you will be directed automatically to a Outlook page where you need to confirm importing your contacts.

Congratulations!You just added your Outlook contacts to your RevampCRM account.