Super easy way to import your existing ActiveCampaign Contacts to your Revamp CRM contacts. You can link your Revamp CRM account with your Active Campaign account to have a two way sync between them.


Key Features

  • Export all or part of your contacts and leads to ActiveCampaign list.
  • Export a Revamp CRM List to a ActiveCampaign mailing list.
  • Import all of your ActiveCampaign contacts into Revamp CRM
  • Two-way sync between a Revamp CRM list and a ActiveCampaign list:
    • Runs every 12 hours 
    • Revamp CRM is the source of truth i.e. you need to delete a contact in Revamp to be deleted in ActiveCampaign. However, new contact in ActiveCampaign will be added to Revamp and vise versa.
    • Newly imported contacts will have 'ActiveCampaign' tag and another tag with the ActiveCampaign list name.
  • Smart Segmentation tool help you to automatically segment you contacts with one click.
  • Have a 360 view of every contact to help you send better personalized Campaigns.

Active Campaign and CRM integration 




Revamp CRM gives you the ability to import (or update) your Active Campaign contacts into Revamp CRM, maintaining link back to Active Campaign , you get to add tags, score and assign them to the list of your choice, for the imported contacts to help you keep your database organized.



1. Navigate to Integration page, a page with all your Integration List will appear. click on ActiveCampaign icon.

2. After clicking on the ActiveCampaign icon, a pop-up will appear, you will need to provide API key, to get your API key click on "here", or check the video above.

3. Go back to your Revamp CRM pop-up page where you clicked on "here", paste your API key.
4. Now Choose which Active Campaign list you want your CRM account to get its contacts, then optionally add tags, assign contacts to a Revamp CRM List, or specify a score. Then, click Import.

Congratulations! You've just added your ActiveCampaign List to your Revamp CRM account.


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