You can have unlimited contacts on your Revamp CRM account. You can import as many CSV files as you need. Note, however, that each file should not exceed 2,000 contacts per import. For example, if you have 4,000 contacts in your CSV file, it is best to divide them into two import batches.

You can easily import data to Revamp CRM from CSV files. We will import contact's basic info, tags, organizations, names, emails and even Custom Fields. To learn how to import data to Revamp CRM from spreadsheets, read the instructions below.


Hoover on the 'Add Contact' Icon beside your account name at the top-right of the screen. 

Choose the 'CSV' icon.


Click Choose File to open your files and select the file you want to import. 

Click Import to upload the file to RevampCRM.

Once your file has been analyzed, it's time to start mapping your CSV by matching your file columns to the Revamp app's fields' names. Revamp CRM will auto-recognize and automatically upload the data in your file if your columns' titles are correctly named. 


- Revamp CRM allows you to have unlimited contacts, but you can only import 2,000 contacts per file.

- If you're importing Tags, you need to separate the tags with "," so Revamp CRM can read each one separately 


Edit column's title:

If the auto-recognition failed for any of your fields, you can click on the Pencil Icon to edit your column title by easily selecting from a drop-down menu. 

Delete a column:

If you find that a selected column is either empty or you no longer need it, just click the X to omit a column from your import.


Custom Fields:

If you want to add the column title in your CSV file to the Revamp app instead of the fixed ones in the drop-down menu, you can do that through adding a custom field. Click on the Gear Icon, Go to Settings and Contact Custom fields to properly label your content, then import your file again to have the custom field's name appear in your drop-down menu.

Import deleted column: 

Click on the Pencil Icon and follow the above steps and we will import that column for you.

Only once your column turns green will your selection be confirmed. If you encounter a mistake, you can use the Pencil Icon to change your selection or use the X to omit a column from your import.


After you're done mapping your CSV file, you can now add tags or scores to the contacts in this file. You can add them to a certain list as well so you can start marketing right away.

Once completed, hit Complete Import!

Importing Leads and contacts :

Importing your contacts or leads with a CSV file or a Spreadsheet is a great way to make sure you have your entire database on your Revamp CRM account. You'll want to take a few steps first to make sure that CSV file is formatted properly for the import. 

Key Features of Revamp's CSV Import:

  • Our CSV mapping process is time efficient and easy to use. Once you've imported your file, we will automatically match the fields in your CSV to Revamp CRM fields to ensure your data is well organized
  • You will be able to create up to 10 custom fields to match the rest your CSV SpreadSheet
  • You can add tags to better filter your CSV contacts

Merge Strategy:

This how you want Revamp CRM to avoid duplicate contacts while at the same time merging the contact information together when importing contact information from third parties or CSV files.

The Strategy is how the system detects that two contacts are one and the same.

Account Admin can select the appropriate merge strategy from the Settings screen here.  the available Options are:

1. Name and Email ( Default strategy)

Contacts are matched comparing name and emails (if provided). Both have to match if provided. 

Note: If emails are not provided comparison is done using Name only.

2. Email Only

    Contacts are matched only using the emails provided. If however no email was provided, Check falls back to compare using names.

3. Name And Company

Contacts are matched comparing name and Company (if provided). Both have to match if provided. 

Note: If a company is not provided comparison is done using Name only.

4. Name And Phone

Contacts are matched comparing name and Phone numbers (if provided). Both have to match if provided. 

Note: If Phone numbers are not provided comparison is done using Name only.

To Export Contacts:


Revamp allows you to export all or part of your contacts to a number of other apps. 

To Export All Contacts:

  1. Navigate to Customers > Contacts 
  2. Click the Export Results green button shown in the image below. From the drop-down menu choose what file type you want to export to. A file with all the Contacts in your RevampCRM account will be downloaded. 

To Export Part of your Contacts:

  1. Use Smart Filters bar on the left side to filter your Contacts by a chosen criterion. 
  2. Now you can export the results the same way, by clicking the Export Contacts button and choose the file type from the drop down menu. A file with the filtered Contacts from your Revamp CRM account will be downloaded.

 actions for contact profile: 

There are more features revamp offers to run your business in a simple way. Export vcard; contains contact information, such as title, phone numbers, and email addresses you can use it to export multiple contacts in one file. As well as the feature of duplicate contact this will help you change any information you want if your customers have the same criteria, here is how you can find both: 

  1. Click on contact profile for any customer you want 

  2. Click on the actions tab 

  3. Choose the feature you want; Export vcard or Duplicate