Working with a single contact in your Revamp CRM account

Our dynamic contact profile helps you get a complete picture of each individual sales lead or customer


This video shows you how to:

  • Notes. Add notes to a contact profile, and later  you can search your contact database by notes
  • Files. You can attach files or add cloud files from Google Drive directly to a contact’s profile
  • Deals. Keep a record of won, lost and in progress deals inside each contact profile
  • Invoice. Manage your customer invoices by using our simple built-in invoicing system and keep track of each invoice status or you can easily connect your accounting software - FreshBooks or Harvest - to your customer profile
  • Tickets. Add tickets using our built-in helpdesk system or you can easily and enable helpdesk integrations with Zendesk or Freshdesk
  • Tasks. Create Tasks
  • Editing. Edit a contact's profile


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<Previous Video: Managing Contacts                           Next Video: Working with Deals>

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