Segments is a dynamic collection of contacts which are grouped based on a specific criterion you set. Meaning that contacts that match this criterion will be automatically added to the segment and those that don't will be excluded from it automatically. You can create multiple Segments each with its unique set of criteria. Revamp also makes it easier by providing you with pre-built segmentation categories that help you classify your customers hassle-free.

 To find Segments, go to:

1. Customers Tab

2. Choose Segments 

3. You will find all the segments which you've created along with Revamp's pre-built segments

4. When customers are added to the various segments, you can then edit, delete or export them as CSV files. To edit, delete or export a Segment, use the 'Actions' drop-down menu at the right of that Segment.

Note: Pre-built Segments can't be edited or deleted. They will look like this: