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How to add segments

Add a New Segment from Scratch

Use cases of how to make a segment

A segment is a dynamic collection of contacts which are grouped based on a specific criterion you set. Meaning that contacts that match this criterion will be automatically added to the segment and those that don't will be excluded from it automatically. You can create multiple Segments each with its unique set of criteria require unique marketing and unique customer relationships. For example, customers with multiple orders, customers with one order, customers who used a coupon, are all different segments that will give you insights about your business.  Revamp also makes it easier by providing you with pre-built segmentation categories that help you classify your customers hassle-free.

Successful businesses know how to segment and how to do it right. Watch our video to learn more how Revamp CRM helps you segment your customers for more targeted marketing and for revenue growth.

Pre-built segments:

Are ready-made sets of segments defined by different conditions and filters provided by Revamp CRM. They help you easily identify your Cart Abandoners, Inactive Customers and other important customer segments. Pre-built segments allow you to send the right message to the right customer, automate your marketing activities and increase your revenue.

All you need to do is to import your customer database and enjoy our immediate segmentation based on actual shopping, website, and email behavior. It’ll remain up to date in real-time so you’re always looking at the right set of customers.

Revamp CRM also enables you to create a new segment, other than the pre-built ones, with unique filters and condition. Check it out here .

Using pre-built segments

To find pre-built segments, go to Customers > Segments. From the drop-down menu, choose the type of segments to appear on screen as 'System' as shown in the image below. All the segments appearing on the page are the pre-built ones.

How To add segments:

Go to Customers >  Segments

In Small Business plans, your list of segments will show you stats of Won Deals, Lost Deals and In Progress Deals of customers in that segment.

In eCommerce Online Store plans, you can take actions on your list of segments as shown below. 

Add a New Segment: 

You can add a new segment from the Explore page directly. Go to Customers > Quick Segments and will go through the following steps:

save image

1- Specify a certain time frame, or click All.

2- Choose whether to see customers who match all filters or any of the filters that will be selected later.

3- Start selecting from a list of filters, each filter has its own metrics, for example, you can select: 

Customer City > Contains > Queens

Has Purchased Any Product > Equal > Yes

Order Amount Spent > Greater or Equal > 500

save image

4- After specifying your criteria, click Apply. 

The count of customers matching those filters will appear along with their Total Orders Count, Total Orders Value and AOV. Click Save Segment

5- Name your New Segment and set a reminder to interact with the customers in this segment. You can also choose a picture from 

Revamp's unique avatars to be able to better recognize your segments.

6- Finally, if you go back to the Segments page, here's your new Segment created. 

Use cases of how to make a segment:

OK, let's  admit it we all face that time that we are unprepared for the updates that happens through our business maybe it will be a holiday season , offers , discounts or even if you want to know which is your loyal customers and who is not?,  here comes the part of the segmentation tool; segment is a powerful marketing technique; Once you've segmented your audience into smaller chunks, you can target these groups with customer-centric marketing material and  that generates a huge return on your investment .  You can still get in on the marketing potential of the season. Therefore revamp trying to make it more easier for you and provided this cases to make your work daily life more simple.  


If you have a Shopfiy store and want to differentiate your customers according to your customers purchasing performance if they are purchasing one time repeated customers or the loyal customers , and it is so important for your business to know your most valuable customers are participating in your word-of-mouth and viral campaigns. Segments can help you uncover these valuable users:

  • First, you can choose from the ready made segments like "Loyal customers".
  • You can add tags to your customers to know their interests. 
  • You can send them emails about your product updates.



If you running out of time and you own a jewelry shop and it is just two weeks away from Christmas and you are busy with your clients and routine aspects of your work . which seems that you are completely unprepared for the holiday season and  want to send tailored cross sell campaign to one time purchase customers attracting them to buy during a Christmas sale you can do that in a very simple way by using your Revamp account:


  • With Revamp you can use our ready made segments "one purchase customers" .
  • You can add a newsletter to this segment (by using our ready made templates, select Christmas). 
  • You can also send two days before Christmas reminding them of your offer by running an automation on the same segment.