Customer-Oriented Newsletters for a Successful Focused Business

Revamp CRM makes it super easy to manage Newsletters and track engagement so you can provide more of what your customers want and less of what they don't.


In the main navigation bar, click on Marketing > Quick Newsletter. You will be navigated to the 4 step Newsletter Wizard.

Step 1: Choose a list or segment you want to send your Newsletter to.

Step 2: Add a Name for you to identify this Newsletter and the Subject of the email your customers will get as well as a few other options.

The BCC Email field helps keep a copy of this Newsletter attached to your contact profile communication history.

Step 3: Create the email. You can create the content and design from scratch or use Revamp's pre-built templates or one of your own email templates. For more about email templates, check it out here. You can edit a template's design and text and even Send Test Email to ensure it turns out perfectly. 

Step 4: Here you can Start your Newsletter right away. Note, however, that a Newsletter can't be edited once it starts.

Or you can schedule it for later. 

You will get a confirmation your campaign will be sent shortly. 

You can find your Newsletter by going to Marketing > Newsletters

If your Newsletter has started, clicking on it shows you details about how many contacts it has reached, how many opened and how many clicked through it as well as other important details.