RevampCRM presents some very essential features with which you can master your deals and get the most of it.

Navigate to Deals > Deals Settings. You see some different tools to help you manage your deals.


Revamp CRM creates an email address you can BCC for every contact that works with any email client. Copy and paste the attached link to 'bcc' When you are sending an email, it will be sent to the recipient and an additional copy of the email will be sent to your Revamp CRM account and will be copied to the relevant contact profile and deal profile.


· Quick Setup

A shortcut to set some necessary details such as products, deal regions, deal sources, currency and time zone. 

· Follow- up Templates

RevampCRm provides a list of different follow-up email templates that you can use to save your time and contact your customer on different situations such as 'After A Meeting' , 'First Follow Up' and many other templates. Apparently you can always compose your own templates and save it in the list.

· Invoicing

You can choose to integrate with a 3rd party to collect your invoices or you can add personalized invoices instantly using RevampCRM simple invoicing system.

· Ticketing

You can synchronize contacts and tickets in integration with RevampCRM.

or you can add personalized tickets instantly using RevampCRM simple ticketing system.

· Reminders

With 'Reminders' you can control which reminders you want us to send to your email.