Revamp CRM provides you one of the most useful tools that will help you handle your deals efficiently in no time.

The Deals Stages View or as we call it Visual Deal Pipeline could be found under Sales menu tab if you are on a Small Business plan, or under Wholesale if you are on an online store plan.

There are different views of deals where you can view them in the visual pipeline view, timeline view, list view, and dashboard.

(1) The pipeline view:

  •  You can know what's due today, what's overdue, and what is scheduled in the future

    Blue: Means Task is due today

    Red: Means Task is overdue

    Grey: Means Task is scheduled in the future

    Yellow: Means There are no tasks assigned to this deal

  • You can easily move your deals through your pipeline view, simply drag and drop them from one column to another.

  • Also, you can drag your deal to be marked as lost or won deals and add the reasoning for future insights.

       This is how you can see deals pipeline: 

(2) The timeline view:

  • you can add a deal, from the add deal button.
  •  scroll with the arrows a day forward or backward to view your daily deals. it can either be by week,  month or quarter.

You can also filter this view by user or status of the deal as illustrated below. 

According to User 

According to Status

(3) List View

This view lists all Deals in a List View compiling all information. In the list view, you get to export your Deals and view Deal’s probability and forecasted sale. 

(4) Deals dashboard:

 Evaluate your team performance and know how well your sales processes are moving on.

How to customize deal stages?

Click on the gear icon at the top of the page next to your profile picture and choose settings from the drop-down menu. Choose Deal Stage as indicated in the image below, rename the stages and Save Changes.

What's on the Deal Card?

You can find the user image on the Deal's card, this way you can know who's on your team has the most won, lost or in progress deals at a glance. Also, you can find contact name related to that deal is clickable so you can open contact card that has quick details about contact deals history. and you can open contact profile for more details. 

Actions on deal's card can be reached when clicking on Task. You can Add Note, Send Email, Add Tag without leaving the Deals Pipeline view

How Can I See My Lost or Won Deals?

Revamp provides you with different deals views. We also allow you to show only the won, lost or in progress deals on every view "pipeline view, timeline view, list view and deals dashboard". Here's how:

If you are on a Small Business plan go to Sales > Deals

If you are on an Online Store plan go to Wholesale > Deals

Click on the drop-down menu in the image below, you can choose from Won, Lost or In Progress

What are Rotten Deals?

Rotten Deals are deals that have been open for more than a certain amount of time. You'll be able to tell a Rotten Deal straight from the Deals Pipeline by the red "rotten" icon on the left of a deal's name. 


You can specify the time after which a deal goes rotten. Hover the cursor over the Gear Icon next to your profile picture and choose Settings. From the list on the left, click on Deal Age. Type in the number of days after which an open deal will become rotten. Save

What is the Advanced Deal Filters?

 Revamp CRM offers you Advanced filters to sort your Deals and easily manage them. 

If you are on a Small Business plan go to Sales > Deals

If you are on an Online Store plan go to Wholesale > Deals

and click on the green icon indicated in the image below. 

This menu will appear allowing you to filter Deals by:

  • Date created/closed
  • Expected Closure Date
  • Contact Person
  • Product
  • Sales Region
  • Deal Source as shown,

To export filtered deals, from the different Deals Views, choose the List View

Choose which format you want your deals exported into. A file with all your deals will be downloaded.