Custom Field types

Delete a Custom Field

A custom field is any extra or special information that you’d like to track about your clients. Revamp CRM allows you to document more than just a contact's basic info by adding the custom fields that you choose. Our app also allows you to remove unnecessary details by deleting a custom field.

Custom Field types:

- Text: a text field allows you to enter a line of text into the custom field.

- Options list: The options list field allows you to designate choices for a user to select from for this custom field. You'll then be able to select a single choice from this field to apply to a record.

To create a new custom field:

Click on the Gear Icon next to your profile picture then choose Settings. 

When you are directed, choose Contact Custom Fields under the 'Account' section on the left of the screen. 

Add the details you need into a custom field and choose whether to keep it as a Text or Options List permanently. When done, Save the changes. 

To add info to the new custom field on a customer's profile:

Navigate to Customers > Contacts and click on the person's name. On that customer's profile, click on the Pencil Icon next to that person's name. 

Under the contact's image, you'll be able to find the Custom Field you've added.



Delete a Custom Field:

To delete a Custom Field you've added before, navigate to Contact Custom Fields as shown above. Click on the X on the right of that custom field then Save the changes you've made.

If you navigate to a contact's profile to edit it as shown below, you will find that the Custom Field has been removed.