Using Tags

Tagging contacts with certain words help you keep your database organized and your messages relevant. It's very useful when you need something to quickly filter contacts to find the customers you need. You can then select this Tag from your Smart Filters on the left side of your Customers page. It also enables you to send emails to all or a portion of your contacts.

To add a Tag to a customer, navigate to Customers > Contacts then select the chosen person. Click on the Tag Button, type the tag you want then press Enter and click on Add

When you use Smart Filters and search by Tag, your results will look like this:  

Using Custom Field

Custom Fields can also be used as filtering options, but preferably when you need to add information that isn't provided by the default set of fields. For example, you may need to associate a contact with an organization. This is best achieved using Custom Fields.

You can use our Smart Filters to search for Custom Fields to gain more control over your search.

Navigate to Customers > Çontacts, on the left side of the page and at the end of the Smart Filters section click on More.

Enter what you're looking for in the fields corresponding to it then choose Apply.