Know your customers better and send the right message to the right people 

Successful businesses know how to segment and how to do it right. Watch our video to learn more how Revamp CRM helps you segment your customers for more targeted marketing and for revenue growth.

Segments are defined by a set of conditions and criteria that makes them unique in their needs and therefore require unique marketing and unique customer relationships. For example, customers with multiple orders, customers with one order, customers who used a coupon, are all different segments that will give you insights about your business. 

Rather than a fixed list of people, segments will continue to grow/shrink depending on customers' behaviors. Revamp CRM ensures they remain up to date in real-time so you’re always looking at the right set of customers.

Go to Customers >  Segments

In Small Business plans, your list of segments will show you stats of Won Deals, Lost Deals and In Progress Deals of customers in that segment.

In eCommerce Online Store plans, your list of segments will show you stats of Total Orders Count, Total Orders Value & Revenue and AOV (Average Order Value) for that segment.

Add a New Segment from Scratch

To create a new segment, click on the green '+Add' button at the top of the page as seen in the image above. This will redirect you to the Contacts page. Here, you can use the Smart Filters to specify what you're looking for. For example, in the image below, we specified a score of 2 stars or more, Customers who have emails and Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce tag, clicked Apply, then click on Add Segment button next to search results. You can use Smart Filters to search through contacts by Tags, Score, Purchase Behavior and more

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Another Way to add a segment

You can also add a new segment from the Explore page directly. Go to Customers > Quick Segments and will go through the following steps:

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1- Specify a certain time frame, or click All.

2- Choose whether to see customers who match all filters or any of the filters that will be selected later.

3- Start selecting from a list of filters, each filter has its own metrics, for example, you can select: 

Customer City > Contains > Queens

Has Purchased Any Product > Equal > Yes

Order Amount Spent > Greater or Equal > 500

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4- After specifying your criteria, click Apply. 

The count of customers matching those filters will appear along with their Total Orders Count, Total Orders Value and AOV. Click Save Segment

5- Name your New Segment and set a reminder to interact with the customers in this segment. You can also choose a picture from 

Revamp's unique avatars to be able to better recognize your segments. 

6- Finally, if you go back to the Segments page, here's your new Segment created. 

This video shows you how to:

  • Segment. Create new customer segments
  • Edit. Edit pre-built segments
  • Filter. Filter segment search results
  • Insights. Use insights to identify the revenue prospects of a segment
  • Reminders. Set reminders to help you follow-up with a segment