Smart Filters are smart methods to turn the people you know into the business results you seek

Revamp CRM offers you a powerful set of Smart Filters to help you easily manage huge numbers of customers and classify them effectively. It's a great way to segment your customers by information related to your business. 

You can view your contacts according to:

· Date Last contacted, added or updated.

· Team members assigned to those contacts.

· E-Commerce Status Complete set of filters that helps you manage, organize and segment your customers.

· Business Status (Has Deals, Has Bought, Has Tasks and Score).

· Tags

· Custom Fields you have created.

· Invoices (Outstanding or Not)

· Tickets (Open, Pending, Resolved)

· Country and City

· Age

After you configure your filters, click on Apply and voila, you are looking at the right segment you need to work with.