Revamp CRM Caters For Every Need

You can organize your Contacts into different Segments and Lists and target them with different email Newsletters created through our email marketing tool. Or you can just export your contacts to Mail Chimp and keep your messages relevant.

There are two ways to export your contacts to Mail Chimp.

1-  Using Smart Filters:

Go to Customers > Contacts and use Smart Filters to find a specific segment of contacts that you want to target.

Check the Select All box and choose Export Contacts on the top right of the page. From the drop-down menu, choose Mail Chimp.

On the API window, click on Here.


On the MailChimp window, choose Create API.

Search for the API and copy it then get back to your Revamp account. 

Now paste it as shown in the picture and choose Done.

Choose which list in your Mail Chimp account you want to send your contacts to. And that's it, your contacts now are in Mail Chimp.

2- Using Lists and Segments:

Go to Customers > Lists and choose '+New List'

This pop-up will appear. Sync contacts for this list from another provider by choosing 'Select Provider'.  

Then choose MailChimp


Go through the steps and your List will be successfully created. 

N.b. Revamp CRM is automatically syncing to Mail Chimp twice a day at 4:45 am UTC and 4:45 pm UTC