Pre-built segments

Are ready-made sets of segments defined by different conditions and filters provided by Revamp CRM. They help you easily identify your Cart Abandoners, Inactive Customers and other important customer segments. Pre-built segments allow you to send the right message to the right customer, automate your marketing activities and increase your revenue.

All you need to do is to import your customer database and enjoy our immediate segmentation based on actual shopping, website, and email behavior. It’ll remain up to date in real-time so you’re always looking at the right set of customers.

Revamp CRM also enables you to create a new segment, other than the pre-built ones, with unique filters and condition. Check it out here.

Using pre-built segments

To find pre-built segments, go to Customers > Segments. From the drop-down menu, choose the type of segments to appear on screen as 'System' as shown in the image below. All the segments appearing on the page are the pre-built ones.