Revamp CRM Enables You to Target Individual Segments

To create a Marketing Automation or Newsletter for a specific segment go to Customers > Segments. Use the Actions drop-down menu to choose what action you would like to perform on that segment. 


Here, you can choose whether to Add Automation or Send Newsletter.

When you click on 'Add Automation' this pop-up will appear. Fill in the info and choose Save.


You will be redirected to the Automations page where you can add steps to the Automation process. When you're done, choose Start Automation to run it.

An automation for your specified segment has been created!

You can do the same for Newsletters. Click on 'Send Newsletter'. You will be redirected to the Newsletter Wizard. Follow the steps or check out here how to use the Newsletter Wizard. 

You can then start the Newsletter immediately or schedule it to start automatically at a given time.