Revamp Offers You Options that Cater to Your Business Needs

Revamp CRM offers you super easy steps to create Email Marketing through Newsletter or Automation for your business through a practical wizard. On the very first step, you will be asked to choose whether you would like to direct your email marketing campaign to contacts in a List or in a Segment.

  • Segment: is a dynamic group of your contacts which you create by setting different conditions and filters so that contacts match those conditions while filters regularly update the Segment. That means it’ll remain up to date in real-time so you’re always looking at the right set of customers. 
  • When to use it: If you have an Online store, Revamp CRM will automatically create different segments of your customers, those segments are your New Customers, Customers with Abandoned Carts, Customers with order in the past 24 hours, Inactive customers who didn't make a purchase in the past 6 months and much much more. For small business, you can automatically set a segment of customers with a certain score, or in a contact stage, that way whenever a customer matches the segment criteria, email marketing effort will be automatically applied to him.
  • List: is a way to help you identify and sort your key relationships into different categories. It works as a static group of your contacts which you manually add contacts to or delete contacts from and does not automatically update.
  • When to use it: The best way to use lists is when you need to focus your effort on a certain group of people, they might be your Hot Leads or Loyal customers.

This is where you can choose a list or segment inside your Newsletter wizard

This is where you can choose a list or segment inside your New Automation pop-up