Revamp CRM integrates with your favorite Google Apps to help streamline your business workflow


CRM for Gmail:

When signing up for our CRM FREE plan we import all your contacts from your Gmail to the CRM account which helps to keep track of contacts, leads, conversations, and tasks, you get to know your customers better via an unmatches 360° contact profile view with built-in invoicing and ticketing system 

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Revamp CRM gadget for Gmail

Our Revamp CRM gadget for Gmail help to show contact's deals summary of won, lost and potential deals. with the ability to check what's done and your upcoming tasks. 
Revamp CRM tight integration with Gmail easily gives you the ability to add notes, tasks or deals to your contacts with one click only within your Gmail account while your emails will be captured right into your CRM.

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CRM for Google Drive

Save your time by keeping your files organized and associated with relevant contacts and deals with Revamp CRM and Google Drive integration. Our dynamic contact profile will help you get a complete picture of every contact notes, and more. You will have the most updated and organized information you need without having to comb through countless pages.

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Google Calendar

Because tasks play an important role in daily business operations you get to fill your days with success with our built-in calendar. And by enabling access to your Google Calendar, we automatically sync your events in your Google Calendar.

This is the tool you need to have an overview of all your appointments and tasks with due dates and your deals will never fall through the cracks again.

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